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Dear Prospective Subscribers,

Lately I've found myself feeling a little more confident in my productivity, and hope to bring a few more releases to light over the next couple of years. So I figured it might be the right time to launch a Bandcamp subscription.

To start with, I've uploaded six live sets, some dating back as far as 2004, with another from just a few years ago. I'll be adding more material as it becomes available. If you know of anything I've done and don't see it here, let me know and I'll try to add it to the collection.

By subscribing, you will receive all future releases, most of my back catalogue, as well as exclusive downloads, live sets and one-offs. In addition, all subscribers will receive discounts on physical merchandise, as well as access to a subscriber-only community.

Your support will help ensure I can continue writing new music to share with you. Thank you!


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Ochre is the work of Newcastle, UK-based artist, Christopher Leary. He has been crafting utopian, melancholic music since 2001, and has released albums on Toytronic, Benbecula, Village Green and Shipwrec.

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